Friday, December 12, 2008

360 Relationship

Good Morning Momsters!

With declining record sales, in the music industry now you hear a lot of buzz about the "360 Deal." That means that when an artist signs with a record label, the label doesn't get limited access to that artist. They not only want their share of sales at retail, but also on their website and at venue. They become their label, manager and booking agent. In essence, they want to be involved in absolutely everything that touches that artist. I can hear you now saying, "What does that possibly have to do with a follower of Christ?" Well, that is a very good question! I was recently singing a worship song that included in the lyrics, "Be my Everything." That is a 360 deal. I know that in the past I've said those three little words to God, but didn't really comprehend the totality of that request. In reality, I wanted Him to have limited access to my life. I wanted to give over the easy, somewhat comfortable areas and leave the more private and painful areas to myself. To truly allow God to be my Everything, it means letting Him examine the hang-ups, addictions, failures, wounds and scars. It means risking everything with the hope of gaining everything. It means being truly naked, uncovered and uncomfortable. Is it worth the exposure and potential embarrasement? I think it is. I want to fall so deeply in love with God that I can't do anything except give Him every piece of my being. I want to feel His Holy Spirit with me all of the time. I want to fall asleep at night knowing that I am resting in His shadow. I want to be able to say, "You are my 360." That's all.


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